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Umberto Buscioni - magnetic bookmarkUmberto Buscioni - magnetic bookmark


Umberto Buscioni - magnetic bookmark

Umberto Buscioni, With the Motorcycle, 1967

"Works such as Buscioni’s At the Window (1966) and With the Motorcycle (1967), built on a great clarity of vision, immerge us in environments populated by objects, in which mankind appears to be almost totally absent. In Buscioni’s works resides the mystery of the objects whose large and small details he depicts with colours that are “so sweet they can be tasted with the palate”: shirts and ties in the wind, hung from windows against the open sky; or the motorbike from a flyer for a carefree trip in the countryside that already has almost the taste of a melancholy memory. The love for painting is a constant that Buscioni would reconfirm in the beautiful works of the subsequent decades: in some of his works from the nineteen-nineties, which are hung in the administrative spaces of the Palazzo de’ Rossi, is a compelling reference to the Italian Mannerist tradition that – through the filter of the memory – produces passages of poetic yearning."
- Annamaria Iacuzzi
In Pistoia Novecento. An Overview of the Art of the Post-World War II Period, Gli Ori, 2020, pp. 58-59

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Magnetic bookmark
Umberto Buscioni, With the Motorcycle, 1967, collezione Fondazione Caript

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