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Mario Nigro - pencilMario Nigro - pencil


Mario Nigro - pencil

Mario Nigro, Total Space, 1955

"As attested by the works Untitled (1951) and Total Space (1955), Nigro’s painterly experience in the ranks of the MAC too place in the context of a geometric abstraction that was based, as was the case for many other artists, on the lessons of Mondrian: his intersecting grids suggest spatial concatenations in which emerges the idea of a rhythmical sign-based arrangement in order to create destabilising spatial and temporal situations that tend towards the absolute".
- Annamaria Iacuzzi
In Pistoia Novecento. An Overview of the Art of the Post-World War II Period, Gli Ori, 2020, pp.45-47

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Materials wood, graphite
Mario Nigro, Total Space, 1955, collezione Fondazione Caript

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