AURELIO AMENDOLA | An anthology. Michelangelo, Burri, Warhol and the others

A tribute to the sixty years of the career of the photographer of Michelangelo, a show with more than two hundred works from 1960 until today.

The antique, the ancient, the avant-garde, the contemporary, the happenings of the 1970s, the studios, the maze of friends and collaborations, the large shows, the small museums: with Aurelio Amendola | An anthology. Michelangelo, Burri, Warhol and the others, an anthological show devoted to a master of Italian photography, that from 13 November 2020 to 14 February 2021 the Fondazione Pistoia Musei will present in its two venues of Palazzo Buontalenti e and the Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi. Beauty recounted in more than two hundred images.

Aurelio Amendola, an expert experimenter of new juxtapositions of the old and the contemporary, is among the most elegant and prolific photographers of our times: his images have a strength that is millions of years old and, at the same time, they transmit pure grace and melody.

The show by the Fondazione Pistoia Musei aims at being a tribute to the career of a photographer of great intensity, one able to transform natural elements into metaphors for sensuality and carnality, solidly anchored to the Tuscan cultural context and to his Pistoia in particular. However he is not only an artist of the genius loci but aninterpreter of universal creativity.

Pistoia Musei

Pistoia Musei