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The activities and educational programmes of Pistoia Musei provide the opportunity to learn about the past, to reflect on the present and to envisage the future through encounters with art, artists and the historical heritage of the city. In the museum, we come into contact with other eras and places through direct interaction with art and other materials replete with stories, ideas and values.

Important questions can be addressed in a museum. What is my relationship with time? How do I perceive the world around me? What is my role within society? The activities offered by Pistoia Musei provide the perfect context for such questions to be asked and answered, alone or in company.

Find out how to take part in the visits, workshops and events scheduled in our museums.

Guided tours for adults and school groups, scheduled and on request

Workshops, Campus labs, family kits and other ideas to make art a fun experience to be enjoyed together

Visits and workshops for school groups and teachers of all levels
Educational and professional training offers and opportunities
Meetings, experiences and workshops to gain an insight into art and museums
Activities aimed at local communities to make museums places for everyone