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Fondazione Pistoia Musei

A network of museums for the local area

Fondazione Pistoia Musei seeks to safeguard and valorise an extraordinary cultural heritage made up of historic buildings, works of art and archaeological finds, creating a network of partnerships that, starting from a local context, aspires to a global dimension.

Through study and research projects, restoration campaigns, exhibitions, events and educational activities at its four museum sites, the Foundation promotes a vision of culture that is accessible and inclusive, aimed at local communities and all visitors. It is mindful of the past, committed to the present and conscious of the future.

Its museum venues are the Museum of the Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi, the Museum of San Salvatore, Palazzo de’ Rossi | 20th-century Collections and Palazzo Buontalenti.

Pistoia Musei was established in 2019 at the initiative of Fondazione Caript and it has been accredited with the National Museum System since 2021. In 2023 it became Fondazione Pistoia Musei ETS.

Board of directors

Antonio Marrese, Chair
Giuseppe Gherpelli, Vice Chair
Cristina Pantera, Board Member
Gino Spagnesi, Sole Auditor

Steering committee

Sebastien Allard
Emanuela Daffra
Eva Degl’Innocenti
Paolo Giulierini
Francesco Tedeschi

General Director

Monica Preti