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A programme aimed at businesses and professionals, enabling them to become part of the prestigious museum system of Pistoia Musei and contribute to making it a point of reference for the city’s cultural life.

Pistoia Musei offers the opportunity to participate in the life of the museum as a partner and sponsor, supporting a variety of key initiatives.

Instrument that allows a person to benefit from an IRAP tax credit equal to 40 percent of their donation. Tuscany Region provides tax breaks for businesses, freelancers, and foundations that contribute to the enhancement of Tuscany’s cultural heritage and landscape.

Gli uffici di Pistoia Musei sono a disposizione per ogni informazione aggiuntiva e per studiare ulteriori servizi e modalità personalizzate di collaborazione.​


Francesca Vannucci
Responsabile relazioni esterne e fundraising
+ 39 0573 97 42 28

Riccardo Tovaglieri
+39 340 47 80 628