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Fondazione Pistoia Musei holds and displays its rich heritage of art collections in different venues.

According to its mission, Fondazione Pistoia Musei seeks and supports exchange opportunities with other institutions, also by lending artworks that can familiarise the public with the art heritage of the city of Pistoia at both a national and international level.


A loan request, addressed to the Director of Fondazione Pistoia Musei, Monica Preti, must be sent by email to and, in copy, to the address of the Registrar,, at least 6 months prior to the opening date of the event.

A loan request must contain all the following documents:

  • Letter as loan request
  • Exhibition project
  • Facility report of the exhibition venue(s)
  • Image(s) of the required artwork(s) (if available)
  • Guarantee of restitution on the letterhead paper of the museum requesting the loan (for loans abroad)

The loan is governed by the current regulations applicable to the Cultural Heritage.

If the loan is approved, a fee may be charged.

The Borrower must sign the loan agreement and comply with its terms and conditions.
Fondazione Pistoia Musei may request the restitution of the lended artwork(s) if the contractual conditions are not respected.

The draft version of the loan agreement, in PDF, will shortly be available on this page.

Registrar’s Office Contact
Rebecca Romere
+39 0573 974258

Attachment: Draft version of the loan agreement (the document will be available in the autumn)