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The Curators narrate "In visita | Giorgio De Chirico"

The exhibition at Palazzo de’ Rossi of the painting Manichini in riva al mare (Mannequins on the Seashore) by Giorgio de Chirico accompanied by the Roman sculpture portraying the Empress Faustina Maggiore, studied by the archaeologist Raissa Gurevič, the painter’s first wife, offers the occasion for a series of visits in dialogue between art and archaeology. The appointments take place in the exhibition halls of Palazzo de’ Rossi, which house the permanent exhibition Collezioni del Novecento, and are curated by Monica Preti, Annamaria Iacuzzi and Cristina Taddei.

After the first appointment last 20 May, the visits, free with the exhibition entrance ticket, continue with this calendar:

– Thursday 29 June at 21:30, Palazzo de’ Rossi
Beyond Reality: The Life of Objects in Giorgio de Chirico’s Paintings and the Collections of the 20th Century

– Thursday 20 July at 21:30, Palazzo de’ Rossi
Faustina and Raissa: Names and Faces of Women from Antiquity to the 20th Century

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