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Le avventure metropolitane di Altan

Saturday 25 March, 11:30 a.m., Palazzo de’ Rossi

with Altan, Maicol & Mirco and Giovanni Ferrara

Avventure Metropolitane is Altan’s new book, published by Coconino Press and with a preface by cartoonist Maicol & Mirco. On Saturday 25 March at 11.30 am, the opening day of the Altan, Cipputi e la Pimpa exhibition, Altan will present the book at Palazzo de’ Rossi together with Maicol & Mirco and Giovanni Ferrara, editorial director of Coconino Press.

After the desecrating biographies of Uomini, ma straordinari, after the adventure revisited in the sign of the sharpest irony of Ada e altre giungle, here is Altan grappling with contemporary reality, cities besieged with debris and infested with cockroaches, social catastrophe and that of feelings. The volume contains the graphic novels Cuori pazzi, Friz Melone and Zorro Bolero, as well as the short stories In fondo è metrò, Gloria, Da Maracaibo.